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Below is a family biography included in The History of Cherokee County, Kansas included within the History of Kansas by William G. Cutler, published by A. T. Andreas, 1883.  These biographies are valuable for genealogy research in discovering missing ancestors or filling in the details of a family tree. Family biographies often include far more information than can be found in a census record or obituary.  Details will vary with each biography but will often include the date and place of birth, parent names including mothers' maiden name, name of wife including maiden name, her parents' names, name of children (including spouses if married), former places of residence, occupation details, military service, church and social organization affiliations, and more.  There are often ancestry details included that cannot be found in any other type of genealogical record.

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JEROME B. GOODRICH, farmer and stock-raiser, Sections 29 to 34, Range 23, P. O. Keelville, was born in Worthington, Franklin County, Ohio, in 1820, and was engaged in wagon and carriage manufacturing in that State until 1849. He then located in Bentonsport, Iowa, and carried on plow manufacturing for about thirteen years; then after spending about three years in farming in Clarke County, Mo., he located in Beardstown, Ill., and carried on the wagon and plow manufacture for several years, locating here in 1872, and has been actively engaged at his present industry since. In 1841, he married Miss Margaret J. Zinn, of Franklin County, Ohio. They have a family of four sons and four daughters living, and have buried two sons and two daughters. His farm contains 160 acres of improved land, well fenced and watered and stocked, with a first-class dwelling, barns and stables, and a nice orchard of about 1,500 trees of different varieties of fruits, as also five acres of blackberries, five acres of strawberries, four acres of raspberries, and a finely assorted number of grape vines, etc.

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This family biography is one of 289 biographies included in The History of Cherokee County, Kansas included within the History of Kansas by William G. Cutler, published by A. T. Andreas, 1883.  For the complete description, click here: Cherokee County, Kansas History, Genealogy, and Maps

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