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Lee County, Iowa Family Biographies - Twelve

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Index to Lee County, Iowa Biographies
Henry H. Unverzagt
S. Van Grieken
Valencourt Van Ausdal
Tersey Vanhyning
John Van Valkenburg
Archie Vermazen
L. G. Vermillion
George Vogt
Henry A. Vorwaldt
J. C. Walker
E. Walsmith
William Wappich
H. Weber
Jacob Weber
Nicholas Weese
Franc Joseph Weikmann
Adolph Weismann
Thos. Welch
Guy Wells
Herman Welsing
J. C. Werse
C. L. Westcott
J. Henry Westcott
John H. Weston
Laura C. Wever
Chester F. White
William Whitehead
Chas. E. Whitmarsh
A. J. Whitney
J. Phillip Wiegner
Berry Wilcoxson
C. L. Wilkinson
W. T. Wilkinson
H. Willer
John B. Williams
Elijah Williamson
J. D. Williamson
Eliza H. Wilson
George Wilson
George W. Wilson
Hazen Wilson
Henry H. Wilson
Joseph Wilson
William Winter
Fred Witz
Joseph Witz
John A. Woolman
S. T. Worley
Alexander Wright
Milton Wright
Rosanna Wright
Samuel Wright
Adolphus Wulff
J. F. Wycoff
F. W. Wyman
R. H. Younkin
John Zerr
Index to Lee County, Iowa Biographies

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