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Lee County, Iowa Family Biographies - Ten

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Index to Lee County, Iowa Biographies
August Reichelt
Matthew T. Reid
Catherine Reiner
F. Reinhart
J. W. Rhode
Wm. J. Rhynalds
Matt Ribyn
A. L. Rice
J. L. Rice
Jonas Rice, Jr.
W. O. Rice
F. Richard
A. J. Richardson
S. F. Richardson
Dabney C. Riddick
Ebenezer Riddle
Robert T. Riddle
L. Rigler
Jacob Risser
John Rix
George Robers
Abel Cummings Roberts
Thos. R. Robertson
Wm. J. Robertson
Milward H. Rogers
J. F. Roth
A. F. Runner
Robert A. Russell
Annie M. Salmon
George W. Sample
John T. Sample
David Santo
Nicholas Sargent
Eleanor Satterly
Francis Sawyer, Jr.
Jemima Sawyer
Jennett Sawyer
Silas N. Sawyer
Thomas Sawyer
George Sax
John Sax
George H. Schafer
John D. Schaffer
George Schlapp
Henry Schlapp
Henry Schlemer
John Schock
Christian Schowalter
Henry L. Schroeder
Stephen Schulte
Chas. Schulz
John H. Schwartz
Joseph G. Schwartz
Conrad Schweer
Rowland Thos. Scott
R. A. Scovel
Eli Seeley
G. Neuman Seidlitz
F. H. Semple
Index to Lee County, Iowa Biographies

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