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Lee County, Iowa Family Biographies - Eleven

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Index to Lee County, Iowa Biographies
Michael Seyb
Joshua Monroe Shaffer
Wm. B. Shaw
P. Shay
L. D. Sheppard
R. H. Sherman
Benjamin Skyles
Thomas A. Slack
D. B. Smith
Edwin D. Smith
Edwin F. Smith
George R. Smith
John O. Smith
Joseph Smith (West Point)
Joseph Smith (Warren)
Joseph A. Smith
Roswell J. Smith
Thomas Smith
Joseph Snider
J. C. Snook
Jacob S. Snyder
August Soechtig, Jr.
M. Soellinger
Henry South
John South
Nathan Spicer
Henry C. Spreen
J. Spring
George Stanwood
Geo. A. Starkweather
Coonrod Stegman
H. C. Stempel
Herman F. Stempel
John Stenger
John S. Stephenson
Manning W. Stevens
J. D. Stevenson
E. M. Stewart
John Stewart
Thornton Stewart
William Stewart
Horace Stiles
E. D. Stoddard
John T. Stoevener
W. C. Stripe
V. H. Sullivan
Robert Sutherland
J. C. Swan
C. W. Taylor
T. S. Taylor
James Tebbs
Joseph Tebbs
J. R. Tewksbury
John Thackray
Washington Tibbets
John B. Tieken
Jacob Fritz Timpe
J. B. Tinsman
Harmon H. Tremaine
A. M. Tuttle
Loren S. Tyler
Index to Lee County, Iowa Biographies

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