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Randolph County, Illinois Family Biographies - Three

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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Jacob Keller
Nicholas W. Kelly

Ezekiel C. Kerr
Stephen S. Kirk
August H. Koch

Frederick William Kuhrtz
James Lawder
William Lawder
George W. Leavitt
Isaac Lehnherr

John Lickiss
Thomas Lickiss
Timothy Liddy

Charles Frederick Liebe
Henry C. Lindenberg
Joseph Lindsay

Alexander Lochhead
William E. Lohrberg
John Bernard Lonergan

Henry Luchsinger
Edmund S. Lybarger
William R. MacKenzie
William P. Malone
Calvin A. Mann

John A. Mann
Robert H. Mann

Herman C. Mansker
Nelson C. Mansker
Johnson Marshall

Samuel W. Marshall
William H. Matlack
Frank Matney
John T. McBride
John McClinton
John P. McClurken
David McConachie

David McConachie (2)

Robert McConkey
Lewis O. McDonald

Charles McElhiney
Elihu B. McGuire

Thomas McIntyre
Samuel W. McKelvey
William P. McLaughlin
John McMenomy
John B. McQuillan
Frank Mehrer
Fritz Meineke

Jacob Melly
Isaac Meredith

Herman F. Middendorf
Charles R. Miller

William A. Milligan
Thomas Moffat
Isaac Montgomery
Francis Moore
Isaac Morris

John Morrison
Samuel Morrison
William Moulic
John Mudd
Thomas Leo Mudd
J. A. F. W. Mueller
John Murphy

Lawrence S. Murphy
Henry W. F. Neuhaus

George Neville
Harvey Neville

Gottfried Niehaus
John Q. A. Nisbet
David Ohlwine
John Henry Osterloh
Eusade Palmier

Gustavus Pape
James Park
Joseph Patton
Claus Peterson

Theodule E. Picou
James M. Pillers

Isaac R. Pinkerton
William C. Postal
Joseph R. Preston

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