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Jackson County, Illinois Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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George N. Albon
James Alexander
William J. Allen

Robert Allyn
G. W. Andrews
George Anghouse
Henry Austin
W. W. Barr
John H. Barton
A. Beecher

Harvey Bilderback
G. H. C. Bodeker
A. H. Bost
William A. Bost
Henry Boucher
John Bourchier
Samuel Bouscher
Charles Brown
Frederick W. Brown
John M. Bryan
Hymann Henry Bunselmeyer
W. E. Chambers
E. F. A. Chapman
Noah Cheatham
Andrew B. Chew
Horace W. Clarke
James C. Clarke
Rufus R. Cobbum
George T. Coffer
George B. Corey
George W. Cox
Edward Crawford
John M. Curless
Jean Dagle
Bernard Daniel

Abel Cartwright Davis
David L. Davis
Edward Ames Davis
Elias Davis
William H. Davis
George Odell Dean
Murray Dean
O. A. Dean

W. C. Dean
John H. Delano
Williamson Dilday
Daniel M. Doty
August Dudenbostel
Samuel W. Dunaway
Philip H. Eisenmayer
I. W. Ellis
J. E. Entsminger
W. W. Essick
Andrew Jackson Etherton
H. W. Everest
Noah Farner
John A. C. Floyd
Harmon H. Fox
George H. French
Philip N. Frew
Anderson B. Garrett
Joseph B. Gill
Jacob Graff
John A. Graff
Wiley Gray
Peter Will Griffith
Charles C. Grizzell
Christopher Hack
Alexander P. Hamilton
Louis Hammer
Edwin M. Hanson
Hamor H. Hanson
W. J. Harral

W. D. Harris
Ed Hayes
John D. Hays
John Heinbokel
John Henry
John Maurice Herbert
George W. Hill
John Marshall Holt
Frank J. Hrabik
William M. Hubbard
W. H. Hull
Elles B. Hunter
Charles C. Huthmacher
George Huthmacher
Henry Imhoff
W. T. Ingram
Jefferson Jenkins
W. F. Johnson
David C. Joplin
John R. Kane
George Kennedy
George Kennedy Jr.
Alex Keown
Frederick Kessel

W. W. Kimball
J. Q. A. Kimmel
Philip Kimmel Sr.
W. D. Kimmel
Frederick A. C. Kuehle
Arthur M. Lee
Fred Le Pere
John W. Lewis
John A. Logan
Thomas M. Logan
J. L. Lucier
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