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Adams County, Illinois Family Biographies - Twenty Three

The surnames listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any surname below to view the biography:

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F. G. Vahle
Marquis de Lafayette Vance
Isom Vancil
William Vancil
C. A. Vandenboom
H. A. Vandenboom
J. H. Vandenboom
Wilson Vanderlip
Peter Vanderwaal
J. K. Van Doorn
Geo. W. Vanhorn
Mason C. Varnier
George Vasen
Charles Vierheller
William W. Vincent
Elisha J. Vinson
Grayson T. Vinson
Cornelius G. Volk
Lewis Vollmer
John Vollrath
John B. Vonderheide
Casper H. Vorndam
Washington H. Wade
C. G. Wagner
Jacob Wagner
Jacob Wagy
John Wagy
Osker Wagy
George F. Waldhaus
Alfred Walker
C. W. Walker
Geo. H. Walker
Jesse Walker
James A. Wallace
Maison R. Wallace
Mary E. Wallace
Origen Wallace
Richard A. Wallace
William Wand
Frederick Ward
James Waring
J. F. Wartick
Harrison Washburn
Marcus H. Watson
Weber Wedelin
John Weiler
Martin Adam Weiss
Anna Wells
Edmund Wells
James G. Welsh
Moses C. Welsh
J. P. Wenzel
Charles Wermker
John Wessels
William T. West
Henry E. Wharton
Benj. F. Whips
John Whitbread
David Whitcomb
Index to Additional Adams County, Illinois Biographies

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