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Adams County, Illinois Family Biographies - Twelve

The surnames listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any surname below to view the biography:

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A. Jacobs
James H. Jacobs
Samuel Jacobs
Samuel Jameson
George M. Janes
Fritz Christian Jarand
James Jarrett
Thomas Jasper
Wm. A. Jenkins
Alvin Jessup
C. H. Johnson
Honse Johnson
John H. Johnson
John T. Johnson
Frederick G. Johnston
Kiler K. Jones
Thomas J. Joseph

Joseph W. Journey
Paris T. Judy
Henrich Kaiser
Lambert Kaiser
Philip Kaiser
Herman Kalmer
Adolph Kaltz
Chas. J. Karney
Louis Kastner
Uriah H. Keath
Frank H. Kehlenbrink
John B. Keil
Andrew Keller
F. W. Keller
William Keller
Frazy Kelly
John Kelly
John L. Kelly
Henry Stewart Kemp
Rhoda C. Kemp
Michael Kempf
Adam Kendall
Lewis Kendall
James W. Kennedy
Lloyd Kenney
Henry Kent
Joseph Kerkering
Jacob R. Kern
Wm. B. Ketchum
Charles W. Keyes
Willard Keyes
Thomas Kidney
Jacob Kiefer
Valentin Kiem
Geo. E. Kimball
James F. Kincade
Edmund C. King
Elijah M. King
William L. King
Lucius Kingman
John S. Kinman
Mary A. Kinney
John J. Kirk
Francis A. Kirkpatrick
Adolph Klarner
Rudolph H. Kleemeyer
Index to additional Adams County, Illinois Biographies

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