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Union County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of Union County, Arkansas here: Union County, Arkansas Map

Francis M. Betts
Obediah F. Bolding
Charles G. Britt
Henry T. Britt
John G. Bull
James W. Burnside
Charles Chester
Samuel W. Cobb
John W. Cornish
Lemuel T. Darden
Peter Davis
T. M. Davis
Harrison L. Dearing
Edwin L. Dews
R. J. Fairchild
Hugh W. Goodwin
Noflet T. Goodwin
Walter P. Goodwin
William H. Goodwin
Young Francis Goodwin
James L. Graham
John F. Gray
Logan Griffin
T. S. Hanson
W. H. Harris
Jessie M. Hart
William N. Hayes
C. W. Hearin
H. G. Hickman
William H. Hill
J. O. Jackson
William D. Jameson
Alexander C. Jones
Ezekiel H. Jones
Joseph W. Jones
Seaborn A. Jones
Marcus D. Justiss
W. E. Lacy
Matthew Lambert

John C. Langford
William C. Langford

J. C. Massey
Benjamin R. Matthews
C. C. Mayfield
Hugh A. Mayfield
James G. McCain
John M. McHenry
M. A. McHenry
Mirrabeau B. McMurrain
George W. Moore
Jesse B. Moore
Richard A. J. Moore
G. M. Morgan
Ferdinand La Fayette Neal
J. W. Newsom

Frank Newton
Gilmer S. Norman
W. F. Owen
James Granderson Peace
Benjamin Joseph Perry
John H. Pinson
Alonzo W. Quinn
B. W. Reeves
W. L. Risinger
Joel P. Robinson
Thomas W. Robinson
E. F. Rowland
James A. Rowland
John A. Sewell
W. L. Slade

J. Monroe Smith
Aurelius S. Sorrells
John D. Staples

Jesse P. Tatum
John Burney Tatum
William J. Thurman
Washington Vines
John C. Wallace
Daniel W. Ward
B. W. M. Warren
H. G. P. Williams
I. A. Wilson
John C. Wright
J. W. Young

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