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St. Francis County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of 1889 St. Francis County, Arkansas here: St. Francis County, Arkansas Map

John J. Ables
J. L. Adare
William E. Allen
W. H. Alley
Margret E. Anderson
Samuel D. Apperson
Edward Bonner
Calvin N. Bynum
James L. Caldwell
William Thomas Clifton
W. H. Coffey
J. H. Cole
William A. Council
Anthony D. Davis
D. W. Davis
John M. Davis
H. P. Dooley
O. E. Dorriss
John E. Douglas
William Elliott
William T. Ellis
J. J. Evans
L. B. Featherston
William C. Ferguson
Thomas O. Fitzpatrick
Andrew J. Fulkerson
John Gatling
Orville J. Hall
William H. Higgins
Cephas F. Hinton
Jesse B. Hodges
Hiram Houston
Elijah C. Hughes
John J. Hughes
Joseph L. Ingram
M. W. Izard
R. J. Izard
V. B. Izard
William Jolly
Nathaniel M. Jones
Philander Littell
George W. Littlefield
John F. Lynch
Jesse W. Mahaffey
John W. Mallory
Lowry Mallory
William Manning
W. J. Matthews
Archibald S. May
William H. McDaniel
James P. McDonald
Joseph McGowen
Thomas I. Mohler
Irving R. Nail
John M. Parrott
W. H. Paslay
G. W. Pearson
R. W. Peevey
Frank M. Prewett
George C. and Frank E. Prewitt
Otto B. Rollwage
George M. Rowland
John L. Roy
G. W. Seaborn
James W. Skinner
Stephen F. Snowden
R. H. Sparkman
D. H. Stayton
J. G. Stern
James M. Stewart
J. E. Stone
J. W. Stout
George P. Taylor
Thomas L. Taylor
E. L. Vadakin
Claude H. Vann
Philip Van Patten
Wade Webb
John M. Widener
N. G. Williams
R. J. Williams
Eugene Wilson
H. W. Winthrop
Thomas Jefferson Withers
O. P. Wolff
Daniel Wylds

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