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Saline County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of Saline County, Arkansas here: Saline County, Arkansas Map

Wilburn Hensley Allen
J. W. Ashby
Philip J. Bradfield
William Brents
James A. Brown
A. B. Burks
Frederick W. Bush
H. T. Caldwell
Daniel A. Cameron
J. L. Canada
Joseph M. Chennault
D. M. Cloud
John L. Collat
W. H. Collatt
Thomas Y. Craig
Augustus A. Crawford
W. H. Crudgington
W. S. Davis
William A. Davidson
Russell Deaton
I. N. Dunnahoo
J. M. Dyer
William A. Dyer
James Q. Earnest
John M. Finley
D. N. Fisher
J. C. Flynn
Wylie B. Fowler
Reuben Garrett
H. S. Glenn
Thomas H. Glidewell
S. H. Glover
John M. Green
C. G. Greenway
Luther A. Grimes
J. W. Hall
W. H. Harlow
E. L. Harris
Milton A. Harris
Isaac Harrison
John C. Henderson
Samuel M. Henderson
Gilbert Hicks
A. B. Holland
G. R. Hunnicutt
Andrew Hunter
J. T. Hyatt
W. T. James
William James
Vaughn D. Lafferty
A. J. Lancaster
W. H. Lawrence
J. Y. Mashburn

Marshal M. Mashburn
T. C. Mays
L. C. McAdams
J. N. McAllester
Henry H. McCray
C. H. McNeelan
Benjamin S. Medlock
Constantine H. Medlock
James N. Medlock
Tom M. Mehaffy
A. J. Mewer
A. P. Mitchell
Samuel A. Mitchell
A. H. Murphey
David S. Ramsey
T. J. Roberts
C. H. Rucker
P. W. Rucker
Alexander Russell
H. B. Russell
Joseph Scott
Patrick Scott
Winfrey G. Scott
E. W. Searcy
H. Carlton Shaw
John G. Shepard
M. C. Shepherd
John F. Shoemaker
John F. Shoppach
J. P. Smith, Sr.
Mack H. Staner
Joseph Taylor
W. W. Thompson
J. W. Walton
B. A. Wesbrook
James A. White
T. C. White
William W. White
S. H. Whitthorne
John A. Wilkerson
Jacob Williams
William W. Williams
J. B. Wilson
Frank Woosley
William D. Wray
M. L. Young

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