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Phillips County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

J. C. Barlow
J. M. Boetzkes
Charles L. Bonner
R. S. Bonner
James T. Brame
Nicholas Brickell
Samuel H. Brooks
John L. Brown
Moses Burke
William S. Burnett
James A. Bush
S. B. Carpenter
Calvin Clark
James P. Clarke
Patrick Ronayne Cleburne
Hoggatt Clopton
J. W. Clopton
Jesse P. Clopton
Roland J. Cook
William C. Cooke
H. P. Coolidge
D. H. Crebs
Job Dean
Amos W. Dougherty
Isaac Ehrman
Robert FitzHugh
L. A. Fitzpatrick
N. J. Fritzon
Bogan N. Gist
Thomas Clark Glasscock
James P. H. Graham
H. M. Grant
Nathaniel Lee Graves
F. M. Hawkins
William Harvey Henderson
Richard B. Higgins
William Hildreth
S. H. Holtzclaw
E. C. Hornor
Edward L. Hubbard
Thomas H. Hubbard
Obadiah B. Hudson
W. D. Hutchinson
Thomas M. Jacks, Jr.
Thomas L. Jackson
G. D. Jaquess
Amos Green Jarman
Joseph F. Jarrett
Nathan Johnson
Joseph D. Kendall
James C. Kersey
S. H. King

Simon Krow
James H. Lanier
Henry Lawrens
Silas Lingg
D. A. Linthicum
William M. Lowry
Thomas J. Lucado
L. H. Mangum
Isam Manning
Peter Mengoz
Aaron Meyers
P. T. R. Miller
John P. Moore
John T. Moore
William M. Neal
M. Newman
R. W. Nicholls
William B. O’Shields
E. D. Pillow
Allen J. Polk
Cadwallader Polk
E. A. Porter
James O. Rembert
William H. Renfro
S. M. Reynolds
William Rose
M. T. Sanders
Arthur M. Scott
Jesse C. Shell
Frank B. Sliger
Edward Sonfield
Christopher Columbus Spain
William H. Stone
W. B. Stout
J. A. Tappan
Reuben Terry
G. F. Thomin
Joseph Woodson Thompson
William Thompson
P. O. Thweatt
Emma Ann Turner
B. Y. Turner
James R. Turner
Nathaniel Berry Turner
Richard N. Venable
B. B. Waddell
D. R. Weedman
Giles W. Wilkes
L. J. Wilkes
S. A. Wooten
George W. Yancey

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