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Lee County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

P. H. Adams
DeWitt Anderson
Robert J. Bickerstaff
Virgil C. Bigham
S. A. Bishop
George W. Bonner
Francis M. Bowdon
David W. Boykin
William S. Bradford
T. J. Brasher
Jesse Briley
John A. Brittain
William J. Broadley
George W. Bullard
William H. Clark
J. P. Curtis
D. W. Davis
Robert C. Davis
H. B. Derrick, Jr.
W. T. Derrick
Eli T. Diamond
James J. Dozier
J. P. Dunham
William P. Fleming
M. H. Ford
John I. Foreman
R. R. Foreman
G. F. Foster
Thomas Foster
J. T. Friar
E. F. Friend
Thomas A. Futrall
J. H. Gibson
Robert O. Gill
William Franklin Gill
D. C. Govan
Francis H. Govan
Joseph O. Gray
J. W. Greer
Ferdinand Louis Gustavus
Robert E. Hale
D. Hammond
William L. Harper
V. M. Harrington
John W. Hayes
Ennes M. Henley
John Marshall Hewitt
J. A. Holbert
Joseph K. Hopkins
J. P. Houston
William L. Howard
H. N. Hutton
A. Jastrawer
J. L. Jenkins
John M. Johnson
Samuel L. Johnson
S. D. Johnston
H. M. Jones
Hiram C. Kellam
John Lee
Julius Lesser
John Carrol Lynch
George Marchbanks
George J. Mathews
T. C. Merwin
Jonas Miller
William T. Moore
James H. New
L. K. Obenchain
C. A. Otey
R. B. Owen
J. H. Parnell
Thomas G. Phillips
George W. Pittman
E. D. Ragland
T. J. Robinson
Albert S. Rodgers
Henry Preston Rodgers
James W. Rodgers
John L. Rowland
John W. Russell
Hartwell Scruggs
Richard D. Shackelford
James A. Sims
Louisa F. (Noles) Slaughter
G. F. Smith
John H. Spivey
Jacob A. Sullivan
Andrew J. Thompson
John J. Thompson
Joseph S. Thompson
Phillip H. Underwood
William Bennett Waldrip
Enoch W. Wall
William A. Wall
William A. Walton
John C. Ward
J. M. Weatherly
Lee Webster
W. P. Weld
Jesse A. Wilkes
James A. Williams
Nathaniel L. Willson
John R. Wood

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