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Jefferson County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of Jefferson County, Arkansas here: Jefferson County, Arkansas Map

I. O. Adams
Robert R. Adams
Joseph and Louis Altheimer
W. D. Anthony
D. Aschaffenburg
M. A. Austin
Joseph H. Baldwin
John M. Barrett
William J. Bayliss
M. L. Bell
Thomas P. Blackwell
Joseph W. Bocage
Thomas W. Boisclair
A. Brewster
Samuel G. Browning
Asa Brunson
Randolph Brunson
John W. Chamblee
W. J. Childress
John M. Clayton
W. J. Cole
Garrett Cooper
John D. Crockett
George E. Crutchfield
Mary E. Curlin
Malcom Currie
Joseph A. Dickson
J. B. Dodds
H. N. Dunn
Frank M. Fergus
S. Geisreiter
James F. and Emanuel L. George
Benjamin L. Gocio
J. L. Goree
William P. Grace
W. B. Greenfield
Walter Greenfield
William H. Hardister

Ferd Havis
George Haycock
J. W. Hellums
J. F. Hicks
William C. Hilliard
William I. Hilliard
William K. Hocker
Robert R. Holmes
B. C. Hubbard
John A. Hudgens
James A. Hudson
A. H. Ingram
Richard B. Jackman

Frank Jackson
Lloyd Y. Jackson
Met L. Jones
Samuel J. Jones

Wiley Jones
James L. Johnson
W. D. Johnson
Arch Ledbetter
Robert I. Lemon
Sam Lindsay
N. C. Lowry
William T. Lytle
George L. Madding
John T. Marsh
J. W. D. McClure
R. V. McCracken
Emmett M. McGaughy
Robert D. McGaughy
Samuel M. McGehee
Marcellus C. Mclntosh
Evander N. McPhail
Joseph Merrill
G. Meyer

A. M. Middlebrooks
James C. Mitchell

A. S. Moon
Charles F. Moore
S. C. Motes
William P. Motes
J. W. M. Murphy
Arthur Murray
Archibald Niven
T. J. Ormsby
J. W. Owen
Melvin Parse
Henry C. Phillips
Albert G. Pierce
Jesse W. Pitts
Joe C. Pleasants

Major P. Pointer
James F. Quattlebaum

Simon R. Rawls
Lewis S. Reed
J. M. Reynolds
D. B. Riggin
J. F. Ritchie
J. C. Roberts
N. T. Roberts
John Rowsey
William E. Sallee
H. W. Scull

M. G. Sennett
W. J. Shelby
Albert R. Sherrill
Frank Silverman
Theodoric F. Sorrells

Oscar M. Spellman
W. P. Stephens

Pleasant Tate
Leroy Taylor
Arthur G. Thompson
D. L. Trimble
C. H. Triplett
John W. Tucker
Philip N. Vaugine

George W. Walker
Jo W. Walker
John A. Wallis
R. J. Watkins
John Weedon
Daniel Westall
E. W. Williams
McH. Williams
George S. Willis
James H. Winters
Hartwell T. and Joseph W. Wright

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