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Grant County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

Thomas C. Appling
Henry Bales
John M. Baugh

John J. Beavers
Asa A. Billingslea
William Franklin Brashears
Joe T. Butler
J. P. Carr

John H. Clement
Samuel R. Cobb
Thomas L. Cole
James H. Crutchfield
R. M. Dorn
W. C. C. Dorough
John Fenter
Edward W. Gartman
J. B. Gean
C. M. Gentry
William H. Glover
Benjamin F. Graves
William H. Haley
Silas A. Hall
Joseph Hamilton
Charles U. Harrison
J. R. Henry
Elijah M. Hicks
J. Holiman
Daniel Johnson
J. M. S. Johnson
Robert G. Johnson
L. H. Kemp
Jasper N. Lee
Joab P. Lockhart
John W. Lybrand
William B. McCool
Y. B. McCool
William D. McDonald
James L. Messenger
John Messenger
J. Fletcher Moore
Thomas B. Morton
James M. Nall
James S. Nicholson
Joseph W. Paxton
William E. Poe
Francis Posey
Joshua M. Posey
Uriah W. Poss
Seaborn D. Reese
James J. Reid
William H. Reid
Benjamin E. Reynolds
Richards R. Rhodes
James A. Shell
John Shell
Isaac P. Shepherd
Michael N. Shepherd
Jared H. Sudduth
Trimaghan Thompson
Lyttleton M. Veazey
William J. Wallace
H. P. Watson
George T. Wells
John A. West
Augustus A. C. Williams
Daniel R. Williams
Joseph S. Williams
John F. H. Wilson

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