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Desha County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

James B. Amburn
James A. Anderson
David C. Atkinson
Harvey N. Austin
Robert H. Beith
Wilson F. Bessellieu
William A. Birch
Charles B. Blackburn
Churchill H. Blackburn
David O. Bowles
William W. Bowles
John B. Brown
William H. Burnett
Diana B. Cavenagh
Greene W. Clark
Chesley C. Clayton
S. M. Courtney
Reuben D. Crenshaw
John W. Davis
J. W. Dickinson
J. W. Dickinson, Jr.
William B. Dumas
David A. Gates
Charles H. Gifford
E. M. Godwin
B. F. Grace
Charles H. Halley
Walter C. Halley
Hugh L. Henry
Abercrombie Holmes
Nathaniel Holmes
Jeremiah Hopkins
John Hutchins
Joshua B. Jackson
William T. Jackson
J. S. Johnson
Mary J. Johnston
Joseph H. Jones
Douglas Jordan
Alford Knowlton
Knox Knowlton
C. F. Kroeger
W. E. Lambe
Samuel Lenox
M. J. Ludlam
Samuel Marks
John W. Maulding
Abner McGehee
Alexander H. McNeill
James M. Merritt
William A. Mosby
James Murphy
Frank Nady
William F. Newton
Joshua W. Parker
Stephen J. Peoples
Reuben A. Pickens
D. O. Porter
Maurice W. Quilling
J. George Reitzammer
O. H. P. Richardson
Van R. Ryan
Lorean Sain
Thomas Scott
Clifton R. Shepard
C. P. Smith
Robert W. Smith
Willoughby P. Smith
Alfred Stroud
Henry Thane
Henry Townsend
James Umphrey
William Varden
Charles A. Warfield
John G. Warfield
Gus Waterman
William M. Watkins
J. M. Whitehill
W. S. Woolford
Albert Wynn

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