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Columbia County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will also include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

D. E. Allen
Cicero A. Ansley
William H. Armstrong
B. F. Askew
James P. Atkinson
Francis Asberry Baker
L. W. Baker
J. W. Barrow
Henry W. Beasley
John Y. Berley
William T. Black
Thomas J. Blewster
J. M. Bolger
John R. Boreing
A. J. Brewer
Anderson Bussey
James Cooper
William Andrew Jackson Cooper
Sanford O. Couch
T. G. Couch
Z. L. Daniel
A. E. Davis
William Henry Dingier
Dave Dixon
B. W. Dufur
Reuben L. Emerson
William E. Farrar
W. J. Fears
John W. Fields
Dave Futch
Mary E. Futch
J. A. Gaines
William J. Garrard
Samuel Annias Godbold
John Goode
Henry S. Gosdin
Daniel M. Green
Pleasant James Harriss
James Warren Hartsfield
James R. Harvey
Henry T. Hawkins
Archibald M. Henry
James W. Henry
Jefferson Hicks
Solonzo F. Hughes
E. T. Hutcheson
Andrew Robert Johnson
W. M. Johnson
William M. Joiner
B. F. Kelly
J. M. Kelso
Stephen D. Kendrick
Frank Amsted Key
A. S. Killgore
D. L. Killgore
John J. Luck
Henderson Manes
Luther D. Mason
D. M. McKnight
William R. McLure
Joseph S. McWilliams
W. A. Merritt
Thomas L. Milner
Thomas C. Monroe
W. G. H. Morgan
Asburry B. Murphy
Frank N. Norwood
Caspar H. Pace
Thomas S. Phillips
James T. Poe
Joel H. Pollard
John Jimerson Pope
Luther Powell
Thomas C. Pullig
A. A. Reid
John Preston Roberts
J. B. Rudd
Franklin B. Scott
John A. Searcy
James A. Sewell
Robert R. Sharman
Daniel Jackson Smith
J. E. Smith
J. J. Smith
Nathan Fletcher Smith
John T. Souter
J. W. Stuart
Monroe Jefferson Talley
A. B. Thomas
J. A. Thomas
A. J. Thompson Jr.
Bradford W. Thompson
Jonathan Thrailkill
John J. Upchurch
J. H. Wallace
Robert Minor Wallace
R. S. Warnock
William Newton Warren
John H. Weaver
James M. Whaley
John Wilkerson
Benjamin F. Wilson
William Jefferson Wilson
Uriah G. Wood
T. W. Yarbrough
James D. Zachry

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