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Carroll County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of Carroll County, Arkansas here: Carroll County, Arkansas Map

Andrew B. Adams
W. E. Beatty
Wilson A. Beaver, Sr.
Wilson A. Beaver, Jr.
Alvin S. Bobo
Alfred Mc. Bradley
Joel G. Breeding
William H. D. Brown
Bradley Bunch
John Carroll
John T. Champlin
Christopher C. Chaney
Powell Clayton
William W. Collier
Archimedes Davis
Tilford Denton
J. O. Ducker
Thomas W. Fancher
J. C. Fraker
Jesse W. Freeman
Philip B. Fry
John Gaskins
William P. George
Henry Glitsch
Robert J. Gray
William J. Hailey
John H. Hamilton
Wellington R. Hamilton
Edward Harbert
Jacob Ellis Harbert
William R. Hardesty
J. W. Hill
Kindred J. Hodge
Kimsey Hulsey
F. H. Hurd
William W. Johnston
Jerome E. Jones
R. H. Jones
John D. Jordan
James W. Kirkham
Joseph W. Lee
G. W. Martin
Edward Mitchell
William R. Mitchell
John H. Molloy
Spencer J. Morris
Flavius J. R. Neff
B. N. Nicholes
Leonard Nunnally
Henry A. Pearce
Joseph Perry
William R. Phillips
F. A. Pickard
Joel Plumlee
D. F. Powell
George V. Poynor
John W. Poynor
William S. Poynor
Thompson Ramsey
Daniel F. Ray
E. R. Ray
William A. Reese
Willis C. Russell
Lawson H. Seitz
Hiram S. Shahan
Joseph Smith
William R. Sneed
George W. Sweesy
Newton J. Temple
John Tobein
J. S. Vincent
John Watkins
O. W. Watkins
William M. Watkins
Richard Webb
George Weymouth
Benjamin E. Woodruff
John I. Worthington
George P. Young

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