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Schuyler County, New York Family Biographies - page two

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of 1897 Schuyler County, New York here: Schuyler County, New York Map

Additional Schuyler County Biographies: Abbey to Jewell
Samuel E. Johnson
James Kossuth King
David A. Lamb
John J. Lane
John Lang
Charles A. La Rue
William E. Leffingwell
Ansyl P. Littell
Heman R. Lybolt
George W. McNemer
Chauncey N. Meeks
George E. Miller
Jabez W. Miller
George G. Montgomery
Martin Moore
John M. Morgan
William A. Morrison
John C. Morrow
Flavius W. Northrup
James O’Daniels
John G. Reynolds
John Rhodes
Gilbert E. Rogers
Emmett B. Russell
Dean Seaman
Daniel Sebring
Gardner C. Sebring
Frank R. Shepherd
Lev Shepherd
Charles A. Sloane
Clarence D. Smead
Baxter T. Smelzer
Eugene K. Smith
Adam Snyder
George Andrew Snyder
Wooden Augustus Speary
Martin J. Sunderlin
Carlos H. Sutton
Ben L. Swartwood
John J. Van Allen
Harrison L. Vaughan
George N. Wager
William H. Wait
George C. Walsh
John W. Warner
James F. Wasson
James Waugh
Lee Bradford Webb
John T. Williams
Charles T. Willis
Charles G. Winfield
Arthur C. Woodward

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