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Cortland County, New York Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name in the list below to view the biography:

View a map of 1897 Cortland County, New York here: Cortland County, New York Map

Additional Cortland County, New York Biographies: Adams to Butterfield
Additional Cortland County, New York Biographies: Call to Goff
Horace P. Goodrich
Edwin D. Graves
Alfred Greene
B. Jefferson Greene
B. Wilson Greene
Burrill Greene
W. J. Greenman
James K. Greenwood
Marcellus L. Halbert
Edward Burdette Hall
John Harris Hammond
Samuel Davis Hammond
Charles J. Harris
Lyman H. Heberd
Henry C. Hendrick
Horace Hiscock
Edward W. Hitchcock
Manley Hobart
Amory W. Hobert
Isaac H. Holcomb
Lucius P. Hollenbeck
Henry Howes
George A. Hulbert
Jerome Hulbert
Harlan P. Hull
Jesse A. Hungate
Herman D. Hunt
Julia E. Hyatt
George H. Hyde
C. E. Ingalls
H. O. Jewett
George B. Jones
George F. Jones
Newell Jones
Edward Keator
Charles A. Keech
James D. Keeler
Howard W. Keeney
John H. Kelley
H. M. Kellogg
William W. Kelsey
Henry Kennedy
Thomas H. Kennedy
Amos L. Kenney
Augustus W. Kingsbury
Curtis L. Kinney
Nathan A. P. Kinney
Benjamin Kinyon
Additional Cortland County, New York Biographies: Kirkup to Saunders
Additional Cortland County, New York Biographies: Sears to Young

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